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Significant Learning Experiences in Moodle
What defines a “significant learning experience” for you and your learners? How can Moodle tools be utilized to create significant online learning experiences for all? In this interactive session, we will use Fink’s (2013) taxonomy of significant learning experiences and framework for integrated course design to explore Moodle activities, resources, and features.

While future webinars in this series will go into more detail about the “how to’s” of these tools, we will focus on the “why,” providing examples of how Moodle can support the six kinds of learning - Learning How to Learn, Foundational Knowledge, Application, Integration, Human Dimension, and Caring - that come together to create a significant learning experience.

In this webinar you'll learn how to:

- Use integrated course design to inform your Moodle course-building decisions
- Identify the six kinds of significant learning
- Explore Moodle tools associated with each kind of significant learning
- Create an integrated course design map to plan online learning experiences, modules, and courses
- Reflect on how you can create integrated significant learning experiences in your course


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Lauren Foss Goddman
Learning Designer @Moodle US
Lauren Foss Goodman is a Learning Designer at Moodle US. She is committed to open education and equity-minded online course design, and loves helping others learn how to use Moodle to achieve their individual goals. Lauren has an MFA in Fiction Writing, an M.Ed. in Learning, Media, and Technology, and is currently completing a PhD in Instructional Technologies at UMass Amherst.
Heather Robinson
Learning Design Team Lead @Moodle US
Heather Robinson started her career in technology in 1995 and is currently a Learning Design Team Lead at Moodle US. In 2010 her passion for teaching inspired a transition into education, where she started teaching and developing courses in Moodle. She earned a Ph.D. in Learning Technologies from the University of North Texas in 2016. Heather researches online collaborative learning, critical pedagogy, and care ethics in online learning.